Music, architecture/design, and writing are all connected, it's all about telling stories. If we share stories, we create strong relationships.

LIVE MUSIC AS A TROUBADOUR Have a look at the videos below.

PODCASTS is a natural way of telling stories for me, very close to composing music. Listen to some of them below. I always try to write a song in every episode, cause in this way the interviewed person becomes a co-creator of the podcast. My idea is to open peoples ears for different peoples passions. I try to make peoples share their passion, and through the story break down social barriers, and create a common ground for dialogues and understanding.

TINY HOUSES I've designed two innovative eco tiny houses the last few years. See the pictures below.

RESTORATION I've drawn a nice studio in an old farm building. See the pictures below

INNOVATION I've been a part of starting the Campus Bornholm Innovation Centre. Here we created a maker space and taught students and innovators methods and craftsmanship to reach their goals. At the annual "folkemøde" 2017, on Bornholm, I arranged the concept and was the moderator for the dialogues. Listen to one of the dialogues below, about innovation in the future. (In Danish)

CAMPUSARKEN is an innovative project I was building my teaching upon in a technical high school, in the subjects: design and technology. Here the project used innovative green technology to build a self-sustaining boat that could cross the oceans. Check out the poster below. (In Danish)

PILEGAARD is a project where we tried to rethink the frame for an old farm in Østermarie. And did a lot of concerts with my former band Eastmary (The video below, "What Is Broken" is shot in the workshop space and is about building up stuff again )

MUSIC FOR TELEVISION I've composed themes for the local TV-station, TV2 Bornholm(Ekko). I've also composed themes for the national Danish television DR (Forførende rum).

EASTMARY was my former band, and we wrote a lot of songs about change.

MIKKEL THOMAS is my artist name as a solo artist (Listen to my Danish song, "Fuld", below).

JAZZ IMPROVISATION is a way to tell stories on the spot, about any subject, listen below.

THE HOOTENANNY SESSIONS Recording of old folk songs in the summer of 2019 with my friend Michael Friis

I'm playing live as a Troubadour at the Mulligans Pub in Oslo

This Land Is Your land

Old folk song recorded

with my freind

Michael Friis

"The Hootenanny Sessions"

This video is for BOOKERS looking for a Troubadour. Here you can listen to me performing old cover songs, performing at local  pubs

My former band Eastmary

"What Is Broken", from the album of the same name released in 2015

Recorded at Pilegaard

20/20 Vision

Old folk song recorded

with my freind

Michael Friis

"The Hootenanny Sessions"

This is an introduction (in danish) for the students 2016, working with the sustaineble innovation project CAMPUSARKEN

Graphic work for a Eastmary single


redefineing an old farmhouse.

Song "Fuld" from my first solo album "Ind under frakken" 2006 (TUTL)

"En ode til kusk og hest". This is my first podcast, I made on Artlab, when I learned to produce podcasts (in Danish). But I've stuck to the concept of creating songs for the poscast, and there by making the interviewed person a co-creater og the podcast. 

Oneline drawing:

Davids sisters house

UN's 17 World Goals  Jazz improvisation about the UN's 17 World Goals, at the annual "Folkemødet 2018" on Bornholm

"Mantra", is a show about all the instruments in a band. Made with my friend the great bass player Michael Friis. This first episode is about -the drums in a band. 

Graphic work for a Eastmary single


Eco-studio. Experimenting with old materials in new structures.

Are you a business partner?

Don't hesitate to contact me for creative co-creation, concept development or as an aesthetical adviser. Or if you simply need an architect or a musician, a podcast or a piece of art.

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For me innovation is to set a goal, follow your guts, and dare to fail in between the goals you reach. Like a normal working day, for any artist.