What I can offer companies? My toolbox for manifestations of new ideas.

WORKING AS A TROUBADOUR, at the moment- Listen to the music under /PROJECTS

leading innovation with teams. I do talks, act as a facilitator, or arrange workshops to solve problems or develop new services or products.

Artist in residence, identifying the blind spots companies never addresses. I can be the inspiration to start solving problems, physically or on a strategic level.

Podcasts, portraits of people, who can speak freely about new ideas for better ways of working, and about their passions. The media is giving people a room to inspire one another or sharing knowledge.

Artist talks about how music, literature, and architecture can inspire the working culture in a company. 

Concerts, after work inspiration for working as a team or kick off concerts for workshops. Jazz improvisation, co-creation of songs of any subject with the audience.

Songwriting, as a tool of communication.

Sound logos, composing how your company's values sound like. Your company identity as a piece of music. It can be used on web-pages, ringing tones. etc.

Graphics, stories, visual communication.

Visual facilitation, summing up the knowledge.

Articles, writing poetic newsletters, with artistic investigating angles interviews, portraits and communication.

Short stories and poems, new views on the same world.

Sculptures, composing sculptures that tell the stories you need. The core values, a new way of thinking, etc.



               -Nobody plays better than the band they are playing with.
                Setting the right team is the key to solving the problems.


               -Good architecture letting the room open up your thoughts.

                Textures, shapes, and structures in a work of art, will let you create your own 

                stories, that will inspire how, and what you think.

                -Turning the world upside down is scary. But you will always discover new

                 details, on your way back to normal. 

                - Art is a key to understanding what you at first didn't understand.

                  Sometimes you have to discover a new story, to adapt to a new reality. 

Are you a business partner?

Don't hesitate to contact me for creative co-creation, concept development or as an aesthetical adviser. Or if you simply need an architect or a musician, a podcast or a piece of art.

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For me innovation is to set a goal, follow your guts, and dare to fail in between the goals you reach. Like a normal working day, for any artist.