I'm a singer/songwriter from Denmark who lives on a small island called Bornholm. Here I'm enjoying the small town life and writing songs in an atmosphere where everybody knows each other and the children are running around freely. Originally I was educated as an architect, but I just couldn't quit strumming my guitar and making up new songs all the time, so I ended up in that track.


My hometown Svaneke is really the new Greenwich village in Denmark, but it's not many people who know that. Ok, maybe the tourists can sense it! I released my first solo album in 2006 "Ind under frakken" on a Faroese label called TUTL. Since then I've been touring around in Denmark with these songs, that also got played and still are played on the national Danish radio.


Every year since 2006 I've been a part of an artist group called "Bagholdet". We are making a new music dramatic show every year, during Bornholms annual cultural week in September. This year the show is called "Memento Guernica", about the dream of peace and the nightmare of war. The premiere of the play is taking place 12.September 2009.


My new songs are made to be played for a fleeting audience. I was playing on the streets in the summer of 2008 trying out some of my new stuff, and got inspired by the constantly moving crowd.


I have written some very simple songs, with very few lines. At first the songs may seem quite simple, but if you listen again some of them are more ambiguous. My idea is to make people understand the song straight away, butif you listen more carefully the lyrics also might grow. So far the working title for my new songs are "The bootleg ballads".