As a young man, I decided to become an architect. I always played music, wrote songs, played in bands, during my academic years. I took long leaves to learn how to build traditional Faroese island boats and learned how to use and build with my hands. I've lived as an innovator my whole life, and during recent years, I have educated myself further, taking university degrees in innovation and in creative writing. 

Born                   1973

Music                 Album 2006 Mikkel Thomas "Ind under frakken"(TUTL)

                            Album 2013 Eastmary, "What Is Broken"(NMS)

                            EP        2017 Eastmary, "All We Can Do"(Gateway)

                            Music for TV-programs, DR, "Forførende rum" TV2Bornholm "Ekko"

Architecture    Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2001

                            Working for the National Museum as a Maritime Architect for a short period

                            Have been doing small scale projects and furniture design on the island Bornholm

                            Working as a teacher in high school, Campus Bornholm, teaching design and technology.


Innovation       Took a degree as "Kunstgrebsinnovatør"2010, in collaboration with Artlab, and  

                            The Copenhagen business university CBS. Learning how to use my art for leading

                            innovation in companys                  

                            Was part of starting an innovation centre in Bornholm: 

                            "Campus Bornholms Innovationscenter".

Writing              Took a minor degree in creative writing, graduating at  SDU, Southern Danish University  


                            Writing lyrics for music, poems, articles, etc.